About Borzag Games

All his life Morten has loved to play card-, board- and computer games and has always tried to figure out how to improve them by house-ruling them. In 2012 he began thinking out his own games and started making & testing early-stage prototypes of various games, These games are now hibernating, waiting to be called alive over the years to come.
At the beginning of 2016 the first prototypes had evolved into something resembling a finished project so Morten, together with Kresten, eventually founded the company Borzag Games.

Who is Borzag?
Borzag has been the name of Morten’s Orc Warlord in Warhammer Fantasy for over 20 years, so it seemed logical to name the company Borzag Games, since the association with intense strategy was already there. Borzag has currently manifested himself in our logo as the diabolical game piece, with a canny grin and a twinkle in the eye, symbolizing the perfect tactical game.

The team:

Morten Borzag Games


Morten Nørgaard is the mastermind behind the games. He loves the puzzle of combining fun themes with strategic gameplay and figuring out meaningful rules that involves all players all the time, in order to keep downtime at a minimum and maintain the excitement to the very end.







Daniel Hvid is the graphical wizard who uses his drawing skills and creative brainwaves to help transform Mortens crazy ideas into the awesome graphics of Garden Gnomes.





Kresten Nørgaard has, as a serial entrepreneur and startup mentor, a lot of business experience and uses his powerful knowledge to help Borzag Games become an amazing company who creates cool games.






Mette Overgaard Winther is currently the internship octopus, who works with our social medias and website.