King of Pirates

kingofpirates_box-01The pirate King has died, and the other pirates have made a bet, the first pirate to accumulate 10.000 Doubloons will become the new King (or Queen) of pirates. You can gather Doubloons from finding hidden treasures or by plundering ships and settlements or even by plundering your fellow pirate captains.

Shifty alliances, backstabbing, bluffing, action-packed combat. King of Pirates have it all. In order to become pirate King, you need to be 10% lucky, 20% sneaky, 30% deceitful and 40% ruthless, in other words 100% pirate-like. 
In very few games has it been possible to be this mean to your opponents and still remain friends afterwards.

You will get the satisfaction from sabotaging your opponents repeatedly, but watch out! Revenge is only minutes away. The game is as mean as the pirates playing it.

Age: 9+
Time: 60-90 min.
Players: 3-6

Get the rulebook here:
King of Pirates “Rulebook” in english
King of Pirates “Spielanleitung” in german
King of Pirates “Regelbog” in danish
King of Pirates “Regelboek” in dutch