Facebook-competition: Win 3 games!

Borzag Games Facebook Competition

Currently we have a competition on Facebook, where you can win 3 games:
1 x Garden Gnomes: Wizard Warfare
1 x Garden Gnomes: Violent Vendetta
1 x King of Pirates

All you have to do is to guess the weight (in grams) of our games and write it as a comment on our video on Facebook. Join the competition right here!

The game text from Facebook:
“At Borzag Games we are so excited, because ‘King of Pirates’ is now for sale in selected Danish shops and on Amazon Europe, so we have decided to make a contest to celebrate.
To enter the contest you have to guess the total weight of our three games and write it here in the comments below. The winner will receive a copy of each of the three games:
1 – King of Pirates
A vicious game about pirates that are competing about who can first plunder a fortune of 10,000 doubloons.
2 – Garden Gnomes: Violent Vendetta
A cute war game, if it makes sense to put those two words together. Each player manage a clan of garden gnomes, struggling to gather winter supplies. All clans differ, so the gaming experience is different from game to game.
3 – Garden Gnomes: Wizard Warfare
A beer game with imaginative graphics that cannot be found elsewhere. The game is roughly a highly advanced version of Rock-Scissors-Paper.
The contest ends Monday, December 19th at 23:59 CET, so all comments that fall later is not eligible to win.
The winner will be contacted on Tuesday 20th of December, so we can have the prize forwarded before Christmas, and the name of the winner will be published here.

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If you want more insight into what else we are doing, or if you want to keep an eye on future contests please feel free to throw a “like” our page on Facebook
And if you know someone you think should also take part in our competition please forward a link.
The above is not a requirement for participation in the contest.”

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